Privacy policy

Detailed information about the information we collect

What type of information do we collect?

Personal informations

We collect publicly available telegram profile information such as first names, last names, usernames, and user languages that are linked to your telegram user ID.

Chat informations

We collect publicly available information such as titles, photos, usernames, and descriptions linked to the chat ID of your Telegram groups and channels.

Chat memberships

We store the chat where your Telegram user ID is detected, your chat status (member, administrator, creator, left, banned, or restricted), and admin permissions, if any.

Settings and other configurations

We collect information such as settings and other configurations you make while using our services..

Information you provided

We collect information you provide while using our services.

Private messages sent to @ConnectTwoBot

We store the messages that you send to the connected user in a personally non-identifiable way.

What do we do with the information we collect?

We use the information you have given us for various bots and their features.

Personal information

We use personal information for the following purposes:

  • Telegram user ID/username pairing to find out user ID based on username
  • For group management service features such as /info and /id
  • For UserInfo service

Chat informations

We use chat information collected and processed for our ChatsList service (chat search). Only chats with public usernames are added to the list; private chats are never processed or added to the list. You can request the removal of your chat from the list.

Chat memberships

We use this information for the following uses:

  • to speed up the processing of some of the bot commands.
  • to find chats to ban a user in group management in case of global bans, federation bans, etc.

Settings and configurations

We use this information to provide custom services to you or your chat.

Information you provided

We use the information you provided for various services we provide to you.

Private messages sent to @ConnectTwoBot

We keeps this information private and only access it for moderation of the bot in extreme cases.

None of your messages will be publicly exposed or shared with anyone.

What we don't do with the information we collect

We do not share the information with any individuals or organizations.

We do not sell the information to any individuals or organizations.

Rights to process informations

The information we collect and process is essential for the functioning of the services we provide to our users.

Condition under which we may share your information

We may transfer the personal information of a particular telegram user, group, channel, or bot to law enforcement agencies of the jurisdiction in which the service is located in the event of receiving an official request from law enforcement agencies.