Telegram anonymous chat bot to chat with strangers


How to use the bot?

Send /search to look for a new connection.

You will be notified with a message when the bot finds a connection for you.

Before connecting, make sure that you have read and are ready to follow the rules of the bot.

What is a connection?

@ConnectTwoBot will connect two random users and start exchanging their messages.

Your identity will be anonymous until you /reveal it yourself to the connected user.

What is reveal

If you want to reveal your identity to the connected user, Then you can use the /reveal command. By using this feature, a Telegram link to your profile will be sent to the connected user.

What is skip

If you are connected to a user and you don't want to continue the conversation then you can send /skip to end the current connection and start searching for a new one

What is stop

If you want to end current conversation with the user. You can use /stop command.

What are the rules to follow

  1. Don't abuse or advertise
  2. Don't send vular messages

Follow these rules while sending any messages. If you are reported for any the about reasons. You will be instantly banned from the bot forever.